Direct-E Data-Driven Massive Campaigns

Direct-E helps elite, veteran marketers to leverage the power of massive campaigns, logic, experience, probability, technology, science and common sense, and put them all in the service of making a profitThe number of sales closed is directly proportional with the number of high quality conversations you have in a day. We wrangle it all together and deliver complete training + automation packages that actually work.


Whatever your industry and outreach method, if you don't use Direct-E you're either losing leads, doing manually things that could benefit from automation and massive scalability, or both. We are available for the cost of a few consulting hours, to speak to your marketing executives, and determine if automating various aspects of your effort can be outsourced effectively to Direct-E.


The Direct-E Approach: Amplifying Engagement and Response Rates

At Direct-
E, we harness the power of data and automation to create direct campaigns that deliver unmatched response rates. Here's how it works:

Massive Outreach: We reach out to large numbers of potential customers, exponentially increasing your statistical probability ratios.

Engagement Tapping: We focus on the pre-response phase, connecting with people who are genuinely curious about your offer, and using
+ai to dynamically adjust ads and outgoing campaign stream based on incoming market data.

Instant Connect: Once someone clicks a link in an email or scans a QR code on a mailpiece, their contact details are instantly forwarded to your call center. You get the lead before they even ask for anything or complete any form!

Seamless Integration: Whether you have 5 agents or 500, we can set up a cloud-based call center for you, ensuring you never miss a beat during massive campaigns. Want to use an outside call center? Let's talk.

The Power of Cloud Contact Centers

Imagine having access to a cloud contact center that empowers you to manage incoming leads from anywhere. With Direct-
E, we can easily set up and scale your call center to accommodate your campaign's demands. Concurrent campaigns? No problem. We'll help you organize incoming calls with interactive options, so your agents can handle them efficiently. Or you can *rent our call center and get your marketing handled by pros, end-to-end and fast.

*Limited availability, schedule in advance.

Unparalleled Support for Your Sales Team

A well-trained sales team is essential to capitalizing on the potential leads we generate. Our expert team can provide you with top-notch sales scripts, agent training manuals, and performance-based management procedures. Together, we'll make your sales team unstoppable.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

We understand that every business is unique. That's why we tailor our direct marketing tools to suit your specific needs. Whether you're targeting B2B or B2C, we have the expertise and resources to supercharge your sales and achieve real results.

Your Success Story Starts Here

Let Direct-
E be the driving force behind your marketing success. We don't just promise results; we deliver them. Experience the difference of a data-powered workflow that effortlessly feeds quality leads to your call center without any cumbersome form submissions, or throwing the dice to the gods of chance, and wondering what you could do to convince recipients to fill out a form on a landing page. Think about it!  What do you do now? You eliminate LP distractions, you run A/B split, testing the message, design, color, button shape, page position vs "the eye trajectory" some guru told you about,  and other nonsense; or even worse, you start down the multivariate rabbithole, trying to extract the formula for success from the stats. Look here. In statistics, the numbers talk to you, it's true. But only when they're large enough to start forming patterns. The probability you have numbers large enough for multivariate pattern collection is negligible. If you're a pro, your campaign was probably fine to begin with. There's nothing a blue, round edge button will do for your sales success predicament that a red glass button won't. Snap out of it and let's get back to the basics. How do you make money? By talking to lots of qualified leads. Direct-E feeds the names who clicked into your outbound calling machinery.

Ready to unleash the full potential of your direct marketing campaigns? Contact us today to take the first step towards becoming a sales monster with Direct-
E database-powered leads on tap, snatched before they even decide whether to respond, while still looking at your incentive.

Integrated Services with Direct-E Advantage

Marketing Assets before Campaign

The smart data-driven Direct-
E method, like any other method, requires certain things to be in place before campaign deployment. Perhaps even more so, because it is technologically complex, it requires systems to be in place, working, reliable and tested before the first personalized email leaves the sending software, and before the first QR Code enhanced letter leaves the Post Office. Let's review what we need.

The Data

The list has to be sent to us using the secure and encrypted method indicated or via courier. The enhanced version of your list together with the QR Code batch will be generated by us and sent to your VDP print house (if you're sending letters) on a hard drive or via FTP. This enhanced list will also be used to set up the personalized landing page (on our servers) and many other invisible pages, little "data engines" that work together to make the automation happen.

Third Party utilities

Sending emails to large lists requires MX verification, culling, and pre-purchased email relays at a minimum, just like your mail house needs stamps, and we will handle that for you.

Incentive Delivery and Testing

The incentive you will promise in your campaign message must also be ready to deliver. This can be a free whitepaper in PDF format, a video tutorial, or what not. We need to touch a vein in an otherwise very desensitized population. The only requirement is that it should have incredible value, it must be shockingly good, and be finished before we start promising it to the world. This work is 70% preparation. Then, there is a pre-deployment test, where everything from emails and letters, to code scans, logins and links, even the call center systems and people, are tested one last time before the final sign-off and campaign deployment.

The Direct-
E Good News and Efficiency Promise

We understand that elite clients simply want everything handled in one place, by people with the skills and maturity to take responsibility for the entire process, and they don't care about the details, and least of all about excuses and finger pointing. They only want to know how fast it can get done.
We can handle all of it for you, and serve as your buffer. Just be transparently clear about this MO in your request, and we'll coordinate all other providers on your behalf to wrangle together all the resources for your Direct-E campaign, handle all the headaches, and report milestones directly to you.

Endorsement from Industry Leaders

Our data-driven campaign innovations have been widely recognized for their effectiveness. Our methods have been explained and published on and endorsed by Daniel Burnstein on Marketing Experiments' blogs as a process that logically follows Dr. Laughlin's value proposition heuristic. Industry leaders who need tangible results for their next shareholder meeting turn to us to achieve high response rates. The industry leaders who teach you sales and marketing run their own 1:1 and 1:N campaigns with us. We are perhaps the best kept secret of the elite marketer.

The Trusted Partner for Major Agencies and Businesses

E has earned the trust of major agencies, large businesses, banking giants, insurance providers, legal networks, publishers, and businesses in 20 industry sectors. When your vision surpasses the capabilities of your internal departments, we step in as your secret weapon, turning your marketing dreams into reality.

No More Guesswork – High Response Rates by Design

Say goodbye to uncertainties and guesswork in your marketing efforts. Get live feedback from the market about how effective your campaign is. There is ALWAYS a large list of qualified prospects worth talking to. Say, you normally reach out to a list of 100k. You get 50 orders. Then you spend the next six months wondering what you did wrong. The answer is NOTHING, that's normal. You literally can't win against the basic laws of probability unless you raise your odds by changing the hand you were dealt. Start by holding the aces, and see how that goes for you.

Keep Your Sales Team Busy with Direct-

It's time to stop accepting mediocre results. Join the ranks of successful marketers who have experienced the Direct-
E advantage. Contact us today, and let's unleash the full potential of your direct marketing campaigns. Google certified? Ask us about our Infinite Dedicated Landing Page (IDLP) technology, and turn up your PPC game to levels you've only heard about.

The Direct-E coffee mug and T-shirt are periodically available for purchase, and are also available for free to clients who visit the Direct-E offices or the HFA Studios in the USA or the EU.

"The HFA" stands for Hartford Film Academy, which we started as an educational side project. Now they are a stand-alone entity, and they handle all of our film production needs. Sometimes, Hollywood crews also use HFA people and equipment when filming in Connecticut. The HFA is highly recommended for top-notch advertising work. You can make a direct inquiry to the HFA using the contact form, if you need well scripted and well produced original ideas for Social Media or TV Commercials.

The complete Direct-E service is currently available for 100 test subjects, where we handle your direct marketing campaign design and deployment, sales manager training, sales team training, call center design and deployment, and full integration of all the above. Your testimonial will be required later. We reserve the right to decline and refund your retainer if our analysis shows a low probability of success for any reason. To request an eligibility evaluation, please send your request, in your own words, to If you are accepted, you will enter a 24 month cycle, where Direct-E will build, deploy and run your direct marketing efforts, until it becomes the most solid and important sales channel you have.


We are the authors of the following books and whitepapers:


  • Hybrid Tactics To Raise Direct Marketing Response Rates (what we do, explained for executives). Available to clients.
  • Analog Patch for the Destiny Glitch - The Neuroscience of Outsmarting Your Limbic System (research paper on how brains make decisions)
  • Leveraging Crowd Insanity - How To Profit From Chaos
  • Cinema in Advertising: The Screen To Sale Playbook
  • Close International Trade Deals Like a Harvard MBA
  • Transforming a Brand into a Cult: Advanced Techniques for Influencing Consumer Behavior Patterns


Over the years, we have published more than 20 industry specific whitepapers, guides and manuals.

Our strategic operational alliance with an M&A firm gives us deep real world analytics into methods that actually work.


OPTION TO LICENSE THE Direct-E TECHNOLOGY AND METHODOLOGY (knowledge transfer): There are organizations that can't outsource campaign work, the underlying IT work, or share internal lists to outside contractors due to internal regulations or due to mandatory compliance with industry-specific data privacy laws. If you are in this predicament, we can perform a "knowledge transfer" transaction. The only mandatory requirement is for two people to participate on your side: one person in this meeting must understand (technically) what we are talking about, and another must understand (from a campaign management perspective) what is being discussed. We negotiate a knowledge transfer fee as if you had bought a license to use our intellectual property for internal (not for resale) purposes, and you bring your best and brightest into a set of Zoom meetings. We explain the bird's eye view for executives, answering their questions, then we delve into the technical details with your IT people, until they report to you that they are able to build and deploy such campaigns using the tools they are most comfortable with. Minimum requirement on your part: one person well versed in one programming or scripting language (not a markup language) and a database analyst familiar with a flagship database platform, versed in SQL, and server-side scripting. They can be the same person. Training is scheduled after contract is signed and paid.


How good is the Direct-E system? Organizations pay us speaker's fees to have their teams hear what you just read on this page. The actual system is brilliance on wheels and a fountain of tangible value. It is practically a way to break free from the sending limits of your CRM provider, and automated to excellence for end to end performance. And yes, it can be adapted to multiple implementation methods if you choose to license it for yourself. If your IT guy knows PHP, you can do it that way. If he knows Python, that's perfect too. The core concepts can be implemented by any programmer, especially with the instructions right in front of them. We strongly believe that when you share valuable, actionable intel, smart people reciprocate your goodwill. It is now your turn to hail as a marketing legend or sales management champion and join the best in your industry, by cracking the code that turns marketing efforts into actual sales. Direct-E.


To prove our commitment to your success, here is a free copy of our book, "Cinema in Advertising: The Screen to Sale Playbook". Compare your current social media videos and TV ads, with the ones you'll make after you read it. You're welcome ;-)