Direct-E Data-Driven Massive Campaigns

Direct-E helps elite, veteran marketers to leverage the power of massive campaigns, logic, experience, probability, technology, science and common sense, and put them all in the service of making a profit.  The number of sales closed is directly proportional with the number of high quality conversations you have in a day. We wrangle it all together and deliver complete training + automation packages that actually work.


Whatever your industry and outreach method, if you don't use Direct-E you're either losing leads, doing manually things that could benefit from automation and massive scalability, or both. We are available for the cost of a few consulting hours, to speak to your marketing executives, and determine if automating various aspects of your sales  effort can be outsourced effectively to Direct-E.


Integrated Services with Direct-E Advantage

No More Guesswork – High Response Rates by Design

Say goodbye to uncertainties and guesswork in your marketing efforts. Get live feedback from the market about how effective your campaign is. There is ALWAYS a large list of qualified prospects worth talking to. Say, you normally reach out to a list of 100k. You get 50 orders. Then you spend the next six months wondering what you did wrong. The answer is NOTHING, that's normal. You literally can't win against the basic laws of probability unless you raise your odds by changing the hand you were dealt. Start by holding the aces, and see how that goes for you.

The Direct-E coffee mug and T-shirt are periodically available for purchase, and are also available for free to clients who visit the Direct-E offices or the HFA Studios in the USA or the EU.

The Trusted Partner for Major Agencies and Businesses

E has earned the trust of major agencies, large businesses, banking giants, insurance providers, legal networks, publishers, and businesses in 20 industry sectors. When your vision surpasses the capabilities of your internal departments, we step in as your secret weapon, turning your marketing dreams into reality.

Keep Your Sales Team Busy with Direct-

It's time to stop accepting mediocre results. Join the ranks of successful marketers who have experienced the Direct-
E advantage. Contact us today, and let's unleash the full potential of your direct marketing campaigns. Google certified? Ask us about our Infinite Dedicated Landing Page (IDLP) technology, and turn up your PPC game to levels you've only heard about.

"The HFA" stands for Hartford Film Academy, which we started as an educational side project. Now they are a stand-alone entity, and they handle all of our film production needs. Sometimes, Hollywood crews also use HFA people and equipment when filming in Connecticut. The HFA is highly recommended for top-notch advertising work. You can make a direct inquiry to the HFA using the contact form, if you need well scripted and well produced original ideas for Social Media or TV Commercials.


We published the following works that apply to our industry since 2021:


  • Hybrid Tactics To Raise Direct Marketing Response Rates (what we do, explained for executives). Available to clients.
  • Analog Patch for the Destiny Glitch - The Neuroscience of Outsmarting Your Limbic System (research paper on how brains make decisions)
  • Leveraging Crowd Insanity - How To Profit From Chaos
  • Cinema in Advertising: The Screen To Sale Playbook
  • Close International Trade Deals Like a Harvard MBA
  • Transforming a Brand into a Cult: Advanced Techniques for Influencing Consumer Behavior Patterns


Over the years, we have published many industry specific whitepapers, guides and manuals.

Our strategic operational alliance with an M&A  firm gives us deep real world analytics into methods that actually work.



To prove our commitment to your success, here is a copy of our book, "Cinema in Advertising: The Screen to Sale Playbook". Compare your current social media videos and TV ads with the ones you'll make after you read it. You're welcome ;-)